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View Diary: New WaPo Snowden Stunner: NSA Docs Detail $52.6 Billion "Black Budget" Summary for Fiscal 2013 (284 comments)

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  •  Did it ever occur to you that Snowden is lying? (0+ / 0-)

    According to Wikipedia,
    the 2013 FBI budget is $8.18B (not secret), CIA is $14.7 and the NSA
    is $8-10 billion yet Snowden whips $52.6B out of his ass
    =$31-33B at most, more likely $25B.
    I can't help noticing how the Snowden fan base uncritically swallow hook, line and sinker whatever he tosses them.
    Frankly the Snowden budget slideshow looked cut and paste,
    lots of pie charts with mysterious acronyms and histograms with no details(because SECRET) but precise percentages.

    I hope more people look closely at this 'report' produced
    by Messrs. Gellman and Miller.

    I smell a rat!

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