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View Diary: Florida citrus grower gets slap on the wrist after killing millions of honeybees (140 comments)

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    Why so surprised that this Mega citrus grower in Florida gets barely a tap on the wrist for killing off bees?  After all, our governor, Rick Scott, defrauded billions from medicaid  (google: Rick Scott is a crook and Columbia, HCA fraud case) and HIS punishment was leaving the company with $9.88 million in a settlement and company stock worth $350+ million.   His fraudulent practices cost HCA more than $2 billion to settle, by far the largest fraud settlement in US history.  And Scott did no jail time, didn't go through a trial and thus didn't lose HIS voting rights as a convicted felon (in Florida only poor people, minorities and Democrats are routinely denied their voting rights).  Considering all that, what's really surprising is that the state didn't award the company a grant to study ways of squeezing more profits from oranges.

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