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View Diary: Florida citrus grower gets slap on the wrist after killing millions of honeybees (140 comments)

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  •  I'm willing to bet (0+ / 0-)

    that much of Missouri is unaware of the bill. I mean it is so obviously stoopid to take on the feds, particularly over such a violently fetishistic issue. But yep, this legislature is breaking me, after all my years of trying to hang in there and help Missouri become blue/brighter/more progressive.

    But yet again, "riding through that miserable shithole" is that ol' baby with the bathwater attitude. Many, nearly half, of those bothering to vote in Missouri do not endorse the actions of these batshite politicians. And, HELLO, my lovely home/friends/neighbors in very liveable Kansas City find our state of residence to be lover-ly in many ways. Hey, we gave ya Rush Limbaugh, but we also gave ya Samuel Clemens. . . and wouldn't you LOVE to hear what Mark Twain would say about these Repukesters?

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