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  •  Couple of things about Red Cross. I know a lot (0+ / 0-)

    of people like to hate on them because they don't fly in on gossamer wings and save people.

    For various reasons, like legal liability, they do not want "amateur"  last minute, volunteers.  Dealing with them takes time, effort, food etc away from their staff.

    They do coordinate with local officials like city governments and the cops.  If the federal, local and state governments are screwed up like they were in Katrina it makes it difficult to impossible for the Red Cross to send staff and supplies out into the field.
    They do need to keep their employees safe.  That means setting up their on site headquarters out of harms way.

    For a disaster the size of Katrina a lot of Louisiana's RC staff would have been busy trying to save themselves and their families.
    The RC needs housing or at least a place to pitch a tent, there wasn't much available along the coast or in NO, they need roads, they need gas, they need potable water and sanitary facilities for themselves before they can really begin to do much for anyone else.

    Also too most of Louisiana's neighbors were in the same straits as La. so help had to come from many miles away. and in huge amounts.

    The issue wasn't the RC it was and is the fault of the states and the fed gov to pre-plan and pre-prepair how to respond to disasters.

    Cudos to HeyMikie and the guy who swiped the school bus to drive people out of the mess that was NO.

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