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View Diary: Diane Ravitch Endorses de Blasio for Mayor of NYC and You Should Too [Poll] (12 comments)

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  •  zoned MS for us (0+ / 0-)

    isn't that great or that near

    I'd like zoned schools with different tracks - that way every kid has a sort of close school that will be appropriately challenging.  My suburban experience was like that - kids who went to MIT and kids who were buying diapers at 18. Democracy.

    As parents we debated ethics of zoned vs tracked...but zoned MS is a long walk or two short bus rides. It has a more academic bit but that requires application.  So we opted for closer school as first choice.

    But here in D2 there are lots of schools that are not zoned and somehow ought to be.  There are two new ones in Battery Park City that are just gleaming and seemed good - if you live south of Canal St.  And there are others.  I think most of the kids in those schools are pretty local - parents make them first choice.  But it is a lot of anxiety when they should just have the right to send their kids there.

    I think it is up to each district to set its policy.  Since the superintendents have been sidetracked, the best way to try and change that is through the CEC.  You could bring it up with them.  Its worth asking.  Its worth being on the CEC.

    But it would be difficult.  If you didn't create some tracking at each school, I think some parents would not support the initiative.  And you would need the principals to agree.  

    Without strong district superintendents no one can make that happen.  A CEC might be able to persuade everyone to sign up...but that would take awhile.

    The DOE won't left a finger - they are trying to dezone whole districts.

    Too bad we don't have democratically elected school boards.

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