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  •  Thanks for that. (6+ / 0-)

    I had to remove my rec of this diary based on this:

    12. Sockpuppets.
    Simultaneous use of separate user accounts is prohibited, with one exception listed below. You may abandon a username and create a new one at any time, as long as the old account remains abandoned forever. The one exception is that you're allowed a second organizational account (say, an advocacy group or campaign) as long as 1) you disclose the fact that you have two accounts, and identify your personal one, and 2) you do not use one account to uprate or recommend the other.

    Incidentally, our ability to sniff out sockpuppets has gotten pretty good. Don't fall under the temptation to do so.

    I originally thought that was one way (can't use R K B A to rec anything) but it looks two way.

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