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  •  W was a governor, and was a disaster. (0+ / 0-)

    Reagan was a governor.  He was a disaster.
    Carter was a governor.  And yet another disaster.

    The very premise of your opening paragraph/quote is such bullshit, that I didn't bother with the rest.

    Oh, and that shot at Obama for voting "present"?  That's a false (should I say, "lie"?) meme from the 2008 primaries. Voting "present" isn't a way to avoid taking a stand on an issue (simply abstaining from voting would be the way to do that).  In the Illinois senate, voting present is a way of voting NO.  That's what it means, it counts as NO (so the YES votes need to overcome both the NO and Present votes combined in order for a bill to pass).  But it allows the senator to raise the issue again with his/her desired proposed alterations.  It also allows for numerous other legislative strategies and manueverings that I forget, but were much discussed when that false meme was pushed by Hillary in 2008.  This diary is such hogwash.

    •  You can disagree with the diary (0+ / 0-)

      The opening paragraph was from another writer. But you're wrong about the voting present. Read here

      That's why Westin said SOME of the present votes he took was to avoid staking out possibly unpopular positions. You have to read closely Tony Situ before calling something bullshit.

      Moreover, I noticed how you didn't engage MY points. You chose to attach your complaints to Westin's quote.

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