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  •  Kos - You want traffic? (none)
    Football - Personally I don't care about the other sports, its all football, all the time. IMO - the day after the Superbowl should be a National Day of Mourning.

    In the Fall, I split my internets time between dkos (and a couple others like the Rude Pundit), and the fantasy football sites. Nothing like a good FF forum, when you need to know how hard it is raining in Seattle, and whether the Bengals starting tailback is feeling under the weather.

    Most of the FF sites suck , and they are filled with popups and re-directs. If you want a lot of traffic, start a kos FF forum/blog, that is just like the other ones you run (they're excellent, BTW).

    Keep in mind that most fantasy football drafts are in mid to late August, with serious leg work being done in the couple weeks preceding that. Come on Kos - how about a August 1st start date for FFKos? If you build it they will come.


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