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  •  It's always a good idea to ask (8+ / 0-)

    Parlez-vous Anglais right off the bat so they know that you're English-speaking but be prepared for some to say OUI! and then you won't understand one word of their supposed English!

    The Loire Valley is so incredibly beautiful and the hotel we stayed at, they did speak some English.
    Hopefully you will visit some wine caves - those are much fun and actual caves!
    All you have to do is ask if they speak English and if not, just point to the wine you want to try.
    And when you visit some of the chateaus, there are tour books in English, so ask for those.

    Alsace is another one of my favorites and we actually went there during Christmastime and it was so spectacularly beautiful.

    I envy you and wish I was going!

    Are you renting a car?

    Also, I recommend that you buy a Michelin Guide for France if you don't have one already.
    Michelin makes the best guide books.

    •  We're starting off (5+ / 0-)

      in the Loire Valley and driving east into the Alsace. That's about five days. Five more days exploring the south and three days in Rome. We're doing everything by car except the connection from Nice to Rome. I fly back to Paris and leave Brian in Tuscany to spend a week working.

      •  Beautiful (7+ / 0-)

        We stayed in Nice for 3 days and that is just beautiful, too.
        The Mediterranean is so very blue.

        We drove to Italy and that is a super gorgeous drive if you had the time.

        Do you speak Italian?
        Italian and French are so close that you could speak Italian and get by.

        Rome was miserable when we went but that was in May and the year that they had record breaking heat in Europe.
        It's very confusing - we could see our hotel, but it took us awhile, even with maps, to get there!
        It should be wonderful in October.
        Have you been to Rome?

        And Tuscany?
        I could live there!

        You guys are going to have such a great time.
        I'm excited for you!

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