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View Diary: Is Pelosi Planning to Retire? (26 comments)

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    PhilK, Sunspots

    Why should I be happy when she backs Obama in the times when he's clearly wrong? I think she's done some very good things as Speaker, but she should not just do the bidding of the president. She should be willing to challenge him when she--and many in the caucus--disagree. You speak of cuts to Social Security, austerity, and domestic surveillance positively as "part of Obama's agenda."

    •  Maybe she knows the inside story that we don't (1+ / 0-)
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      have access to. It's not atypical for politicians to put out feelers first, to see how things play. So far, we have no changes to Social Security, as much as has been written here about chained CPI. Austerity is a Repuke thing. Obama has been trying to get another stimulus package since the first one was passed. And I've been ignoring the information on domestic surveillance, so I have no response to that.

      Politics isn't an easy game. But Nancy Pelosi is one of the best players I've seen in a long time. If accepting what is bothers you so much, I'd advise you to find another interest. No one will ever see everything the way you see it. Bernie Sanders comes as close to my way as anyone, and even he is tempered in his approach. He knows nothing will be done if your approach is overbearing.

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