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  •  Some people are attracted to Christianity (8+ / 0-)

    because it lets them feel special, exceptional, saved without having to do anything, by faith alone. They were attracted to Medicare Advantage for the same reason. It was a gold-plated program for healthy people, whose selling point to the federal government was that it was going to keep the healthy people healthy through exercise programs and dietetic consultations and massage therapy. As it turned out, this "managed care" did not prevent injury and disease. Moreover, when sickness struck, the advantaged participants were dropped from the program and basic Medicare had to pick up the cost of treatment. So, the ACA changed the criteria so that either the advantage people could not be dropped and the managed care had to be continuous, or the managed care organizations would only be reimbursed for real medical costs, not froufrou delivered at the spas and exercise clubs.
    Yes, the hospitals that invested in exercise halls, swimming pools and cafeterias, where the "healthy meals" were subsidized and delivered, are distressed. Without the federal subsidy, they'll lose money. But, that's the $500 billion over some years that's going to expand Medicaid and subsidize health insurance for real sickness and injury.

    The last time I took someone to the emergency room for a sprain or break and we had to wait for the x-ray to be processed and reviewed by the doctor, we were given a pass for the cafteria restaurant so we could have breakfast while we waited. We were the only "customers" in a room that could probably seat fifty people and, although there was only one waitperson to bring the beverage, the facility was a total waste of space from the perspective of providing medical/surgical care. It was part of a marketing strategy to make visiting a hospital a pleasant experience so the customers would make it a habit and return. It was an effort to turn a disutility into a utility to induce repeat custom. 'Cause that's what profit depends on.

    A disutility is an enterprise in which quality and use are inversely related. That is, the higher the quality, the lower the use. Perfect health means a person lives to a ripe old age and dies in her sleep without seeing a doctor or nurse--i.e. no medical care and no cost. That's not a prescription for profitable enterprise.

    •  Beautiful Summation Of Medicare Advantage (3+ / 0-)
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      SuWho, timewarp, caul

      Also Medicare Advantage was loved by the Insurance Industry.

      for each additional dollar spent by the federal government (taxpayers) on the (Medicare Advantage) program since 2003, just $0.14 of it can be attributed to additional value  to beneficiaries.

      What do we make of the other $0.86? That goes to the insurance companies but doesn’t come out “the other end” in the form of value to beneficiaries. In part it is accounted for by the costs of the additional benefits and in part it is captured as additional insurer profit.

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      by kerplunk on Sat Aug 31, 2013 at 08:49:01 AM PDT

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