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View Diary: Chaplain Lying About Obamacare Obliterated On The Ed Show (VIDEO) (143 comments)

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  •  The Chaplain also mis-cites the Bible (16+ / 0-)

    He asserts that Jesus refers to the commandment about honoring one's parents in Mark 15. In fact, the account is in Matthew 15.  

    This sort of error is significant (rather than mere nitpicking) in that it reveals the way the man thinks of the Bible--without context or authorial purposes.  His brain has stored a text to be used for proof and a locus: One of the gospel writers + the number 15.  

    If he were really thinking about the individual gospels, their structures, and their message, he would know that Mark 15 makes no sense, since Mark has only 16 chapters.  Even a moment's reflection reveals (if you're thinking about things like context and meaning rather than mere citation as "proof"), that Chapter 15 must be late in the narrative, just before the death of Jesus.  It is, in fact, concerned with the "trial" of Jesus--not at all the sort of place that any of the gospels includes citations such as the good chaplain attributes to the chapter.

    My comment is intended to bolster the very important criticism that Mr. Fugelsang made: The chaplain does not understand, indeed probably does not want to understand, the sayings the writers attribute to Jesus.

    •  "Doesn't WANT to understand" (5+ / 0-)

      The most succinct analysis of what passes for "religious" commentary from right-wing TV-preacher types I've seen.

      It's funny (in the sense of "odd" rather than "hilarious") how those who love to bang the Bible in support of some partisan or ideological policy or other get flustered - or just ignore it - when they run into someone who knows The Book better than them and their "arguments" get so easily refuted...

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