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View Diary: Chaplain Lying About Obamacare Obliterated On The Ed Show (VIDEO) (143 comments)

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    "Chaplain Klingenschmitt: Jesus said in Mark 15 that if anyone disobeys or dishonors his mother or father he should be put to death. Jesus said in Luke 17."

    The chaplain does not know his Bible very well or was grasping at straws. Mark 15 is about the Jesus' trial in front of Pilate and his Crucifixion. Nothing about a killing someone who dishonors their parents. Luke 17 has nothing either about dishonoring your parents. I concerns the healing of the ten lepers, faith, sin and forgiveness and the coming Kingdom of God.  

    Chaplain Klingenschmitt is a little disappointing as a Chaplin if he does not know his Bible well enough to quote the correct verses and locations. I won't comment on his Christianity. That is for God to determine one day.

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