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View Diary: Autos: Pricing Themselves Out of the Market & Biting the Hands That Build Them... A Labor Day Lament (288 comments)

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  •  I had good luck with Fords (5+ / 0-)

    But haven't bought one lately.  In 1990, I bought a Ford Escort GT - a 5-speed little fun car.  I took care of it, maintained it, and had it for 8 years before selling it because I was about to have a baby and needed a four-door vehicle.  I think I paid $15K for it.

    In 2004, I bought a used 2000 Ford Focus, 4-dour automatic.  Got very good gas mileage, had a nice car stereo, and never had a problem with it, except 10 days after purchase, the battery died.  It was still under the 30-day limited warranty, so the dealership replaced it for free.  After that, regular maintenance was all it took to get miles of trouble free transportation.  I paid about $7K for the vehicle.

    Last year, I bought a 1998 Lexus with relatively low miles from the original owner.  Gas mileage is the only negative to this vehicle.  It runs so smoothly, hard to believe it's 15 years old.  

    If I had to buy a new car today, I would probably buy a Ford again, because I think those are the least expensive choices on the market.  I keep hoping the hybrids will come down in price, but I guess it will be a few more years for that.

    •  My Fords have had battery issues (1+ / 0-)
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      '95 Tracer Trio, bought new: battery issues so many times after about 6 years I think the local  AAA tow truck drivers knew my car by sight. '99 Ford Taurus, purchased used: battery issues (in this case, AAA drivers did know my car by sight, because we turned it into an art car).

      What did I end up buying to replace Taurus art car daily driver that is great for local but not great for sustained hwy driving?  A '13 Ford Fiesta.  I still like 'em, and you can get one without too many bells and whistles that you may not want or need.

    •  I'm a Ford shareholder... (2+ / 0-)
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      Kevskos, Sherri in TX

      And I'm becoming increasingly disappointed. I looked at the Focus and the typical dealer has only a couple in stock and a "take it or leave it" attitude. Still no diesel option on anything smaller than an F250, and they'll void the warranty if you tow with a Focus. Seems all the company cares about is the F150 pickups, despite the fact that the Focus outsells it worldwide.

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