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View Diary: House GOP Leaders say their 5 week vacations are more important than the Crisis in Syria (159 comments)

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  •  And the Trap has been sprung on the (0+ / 0-)

    Republicans by President Obama since many of whom who under GW wanted Syria and Iran to be next after Iraq but now they can't stand doing anything President Obama wants so they did the whole "He's has to come to Congress" bit thinking President Obama wouldn't do so and hit Syria without going to Congress an that way the Republicans would get to condemn him and get their attack on Syria at the same time but seeing a chance to catch them in a bind he just trapped them using the Trap they thought they had set for him,now they got to OK or not OK anything militarily and so they have to delay to begin with and that makes the Republicans look bad then when they do get back they have to piss-off their "we hate Obama so much we demand no cooperation on ANYTHING" Base by OK'ing any attacks or they piss-off The Powerful Republican Backers who have wanted Syria "taken care of" by denying any attacks.

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