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View Diary: The public has spoken on Syria. Perhaps "growled" more then spoken. (30 comments)

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  •  If the US foreign policy establishment (1+ / 0-)
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    were really concerned about the welfare of Syrian non-combatants, it would be taking steps to end this horrific civil war. It would not be firing long range missiles at Assad in a futile gesture of protest.

    The Assad government will not fall anytime soon. That is an unfortunate fact. The carnage will continue until all the outside players (including the USA) stop playing geopolitics with Syrian blood.

    Picture a big round table, seating representatives from the USA, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Russia, Iran, FSA, and Assad. If they could stop snarling at each other long enough to consider the sorry plight of the Syrian people... then and only then would there be a chance for peace. For reasonable compromise.

    Unfortunately our noble leaders in Washington D.C. have no such intention. Much easier, and more politic, to throw a few missiles at the problem.

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