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  •  There was a very lengthy article in the Atlantic (7+ / 0-)

    a long time ago - early 90's I think - about the commonalities between languages and the search for a mother tongue.  Lots of discussion of
    Indo- European, proto this and that, etc.  It was fascinating. The most interesting bit to me, out of the mists of memory at least, were examples of similarities between some words in Sanskrit and their modern counterparts in various languages.
    This might be the article you reference. I later wished I had saved it. (Quaint concept these days.)
    I think you are referencing a Rom Celtic connection,  no? When I hear celtic music and a hurdygurdy,  my mind goes right to that connection. Possible connection I should say.

    Would not be surprised if Ojibwa  has addressed this in a previous diary.

    •  the linguistic families are brilliant (5+ / 0-)

      (no, different article, but thank you)

      the words for milk

      the seven sisters: most 'families' call it the same, the Pleiades, but I had the wonderful fortune to be outback in Australia a lot

      the southern cross and all (I think I'll go listen to some Peter Garrett now, to hide the gunfire)

      no, I speak not of the romanies directly, close - but you can't just keep a good horse down, Tír na nÓg

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