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View Diary: IAN: Whodunit? Mystery of The Missing Fish, Monday, 9/2/13 (39 comments)

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    broths, weck, BadKitties, FloridaSNMOM, Kit RMP

    Vanity in the kitchen with the net. She flushed the poor fishies in a fit of revenge. At first I suspected Pugsley (not of eating them!), but of flushing them. But he was mad at Vanity, not at you, although logic is probably not his strongest trait.

    LOL, BadKitties - fun diary!

    It poured here this morning in the Hudson Valley. I was out doing errands and kept getting caught going from the stores to the car. Each time I went into a store, it would let up, then the skies would open as soon as I came out. Once I thought I'd have to pull over and wait because it was coming down so hard. I was wearing flip-flops. My toes got wet. My entire feet got wet. I hate wet feet unless I'm taking a shower or going swimming :)

    Hope everyone has a good day.

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