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    Does the West demonstrate proof positive of a gas attack by the Syrian government on civilians and do nothing?
    If the US is the world's policeman, then it should do something.

    If the US is not the world's policeman, then perhaps we should wait for the UN's evidence, then submit the question to the Congress as the President suggests.

    I personally don't think the US is the world's policeman.  IMO the Teddy Roosevelt pistol-brandishing shoot-em-up style of foreign policy is, I'm afraid, sadly out of date.

    I'm not sixty-two—I'm fifty-twelve!

    by Pragmatus on Sun Sep 01, 2013 at 10:18:41 AM PDT

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    •  I agree with the desire, if not the reality. (0+ / 0-)

      I too, am tired of our outrageous defense budget, and perhaps even more so, of how our "allies" get away with committing a far less proportionate amount to their own defense, because we do it for them.
      But we do have 800 worldwide bases. We are the global superpower, even when we're wrong (Iraq). There is no realistic possibility of the United States retreating from this posture, and it's a reasonable bet that if we did, there would be chaos.
      In a head in the sand kind of way, I wish the Syrian gas attack wasn't known.
      But it is known, as the President said, "in broad daylight."
      When the UN report comes in, proof positive of a gas attack on civilians by the Syrian government, does the West do nothing?

      •  The Congress will dither, Europe will waffle... (0+ / 0-)

        Same as it ever was.

        The GOP was desperate to maneuver Obama into a No-Win situation over Syria.  He had made the mistake of drawing a "red line", and once it seemed Assad had crossed it, GOP picadors stormed and postured all over the media--"Why won't the president act, as he promised?"  Then as soon as he announced he would act militarily against Assad, the other arm of the GOP's one-two punch went into action.  "He is usurping the authority of the Congress to enmesh the US in a war its citizens don't want!"

        So the GOP has ensured that the Syrian people be damned--it was far more important to them to try and score political points against a Democratic president.  Obama took the only path they left open to him, which was throwing the decision back on the very agitators who had tried to box him in on the issue.  Now the true, bone-deep spinelessness of the GOP will become apparent, as no effective resolution will come out of Congress to deal with Assad.

        I'm not sixty-two—I'm fifty-twelve!

        by Pragmatus on Sun Sep 01, 2013 at 04:00:40 PM PDT

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