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  •  Uh, presidents since Jefferson have (1+ / 0-)
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    been sending troops into battle without declaring war or seeking Congressional approval (remember those badass Barbary Pirates in present-day Libya that Jefferson sent the Navy after?). It's happened more than 100 times. If Obama orders an attack the only precedent he'll be breaking is that he'd be the first black president to do so.

    •  I got piled on the other day for (1+ / 0-)
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      saying exactly this (although I only dated the precedent back to Truman and the Korean War...and didn't have your wonderful last line).

      The most recent action of note that DID get Congressional approval was Iraq II. And we all know the merit of that!

      The law says that Obama has 90 days after committing troops (something I don't think he is proposing) to get Congressional approval.

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