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    for all this. And the tax business is key. In Oklahoma, sales tax is assessed on food purchases, so when people complain that the poor don't pay taxes, I want to throw a laptop at them.

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      ...that the poor themselves believe they do not pay taxes. When they realize how much of their incomes they do pay and the sacrifice they are making, they are mad.  But it also empowers them to know it and this fact is an important water cooler argument to make.

      Often the ones who hate the poor will say, "How many jobs has a poor person ever generated?" The answer is, "Plenty. If you think that the medical fields, insurance companies, government agencies, the prison industry, and for profit corporations do not depend on the poor for their own profit you are WRONG. Do you really believe that those mega-non-profits are all made up of volunteers? Are all those jail keepers working for nothing? Do farms and grocery stores not need the food stamp recipient as much as the recipient needs them? Do hospitals all run on humanitarian good as a way to pay their workers for these low wage worker's care? No, even religious hospitals, employing hundreds, sometime thousands of workers get $Millions from guess where, hmmmm? Let me hear it...paid by many low income's contribution to whaaaat? TAXES!  

      You can point out that: "Poor people pay a larger part of their income in taxes so you don't have to ~ even though it literally comes out of the mouths of babes for YOUR benefit. In order to PAY people to maintain and built them, the poor pay more taxes for your roads yet use them far less than you do, which is why public transportation is so needed ~ and btw, who do you think is maintaining, managing and driving all those buses and trains? Volunteers?"

      The legal fields, the courts, judges, and all their personnel would be in a bad way without the poor who not only pay more of their income in taxes, but also make the same sacrifices for the high fees they have to pay for driver's licenses, car registration and other fees from road tolls to entry into a publicly funded zoo, the additional cost to board a publicly funded ferry, drive across a publicly built toll bridge, pay all the taxes for publicly funded utilities such as energy companies, water, sewers, garbage, and all fees and taxes paid in order to pay those workers by low income people who give a far greater chunk of their incomes than any other class. Half of a phone bill is in taxes ~ paid so that the companies who run these phone companies can get more funding from the government for being a "services" ~ funding that is paid by what and by whom? Tax dollars, much of them paid by the poor. So yes these are just a few ways that poor people create jobs ..."

      Just sayin' ...


      First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they hurt you, then you win ~ Mahatma Gandhi

      by mntleo2 on Wed Sep 04, 2013 at 08:03:19 PM PDT

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