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  •  Do you think bombing is the fix to the problem? (1+ / 0-)
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    How many innocent people have died because of US interventions, invariably using American firepower, since WWII?

    Killing by CW is no worse than killing with bombs or missiles or mortars or bullets. Death in all cases may come quick or be agonizingly painful for extended periods of time from burns, asphyxiation, crushing, broken and shattered limbs or bleeding. Four US states still have not discarded their gas chambers - that's obscene.

    A civil war is raging in Syria. Carnage and atrocities are occurring on both sides of the conflict. The following is a report from the very pro-rebel SOHR. Notice the deaths on both sides. Innocent civilians are caught between the two.

    Syrian Observatory for Human Rights · 6,029 like this
    Yesterday at 6:24am ·

        The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has documented 110,371 casualties since the beginning of the uprisings in 18/3/2011, from the first casualty in Dera'a, up till 31/08/2013.

        Civilians: 40,146. Including 5,833 children and 3,905 women.
        Rebel fighters: 15,992.
        Defected soldiers and officers: 2,128.
        Regular soldiers and officers: 27,654.
        Unidentified casualties (documented by pictures and footages): 2,726.
       Rebel fighters (most of which are non-Syrian and others are unidentified): 3,730.
        Popular defence committees, National defence forces, Shabiha and pro-regime informers: 17,824.
        Fighters from the Lebanese Hezbollah: 171.

    The only solution is a political solution. Unfortunately the US is incapable of negotiating in good faith. They always want preconditions that make a complete mockery of the process.
    a problem we helped cause decades ago
    Not just decades ago but right now.

    There is considerable evidence that the sectarian civil war raging in Syria was initiated and exacerbated by outside forces who took advantage of the protests by instigating violence against the regime to cause a severe backlash. It worked. The instigators were mainly Saudi Arabia and Qatar with the implicit support of FUKUS (France, UK, US).

    •  I think we should exhaust (0+ / 0-)

      all peaceful options first.

      But I don't see how doing nothing is considered an acceptable option.

      •  Stop weapons going in to all parties (0+ / 0-)

        Unfortunately, the US only calls for stopping munitions to the regime. In their next sentence they call for increasing arms to the rebels.

        The US is not the solution. The US is the problem.

        Frankly, I don't think the US really wants a solution. Assad or the rebels - neither is a good choice for them. Better to even the playing field and let them destroy each other - win-win. Not a new concept in the ME. It was the game plan for the Iran-Iraq War the Israelis, US and Saudis employed. A million and a half people died in that conflict.

        Assad has killed more jihadis in the last year than the US has in the last five. Syria has now become a honeypot for jihadis from all over the world. They flock there and are killed. What better situation for America's war on terror? Unfortunately this could open the gates of hell in the region. World wars have been ignited from small tinder boxes catching on fire.

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