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  •  Drop the:"Violating international norms" - talk (1+ / 0-)
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    Meteor Blades

    How about remembering to make this the international Norm:

    Peace Talks - by Robert Parry September 1, 2013

    President Obama’s decision to seek congressional approval before attacking Syria may represent a needed breather, slowing Official Washington’s stampede into another war, but the only way to stop the bloodshed is to get the various sides into peace talks – and it is the U.S.-supported rebels who won’t go, notes Robert Parry.
    But the rebels loudest spokemen and most experienced/effective fighters are al-Qaeda who want weapons first to establish a stronger bargaining postion before they'll sit down to talk.
    ..they want the U.S. government to provide sophisticated weapons first; they want all Hezbollah fighters from Lebanon to withdraw; they want to be in a winning position before talks begin; they want Assad to agree to resign as a precondition of talks.
    So it seems that convincing the more moderate rebels (not-al- Qaeda), the people of Syria that peace talks should begin in earnest.  
    Setting up a no fire refugee safe zone with medical, food, clean water and shelter could go a long way in helping with that effort imo
    Even if peace talks might not immediately resolve the conflict, they would at least test how serious Assad is about making meaningful concessions to his opponents. That, in turn, could give the Obama administration more leverage with Russia, if Assad proves to be inflexible. Russia might tire of its support of the long-running Assad dynasty.

    Indeed, it’s hard to see a downside for Washington from negotiations unless it’s the fear that the rebels will reveal themselves to be essentially a front for al-Qaeda, with the more palatable political leaders exposed as empty suits with no real authority. Still, it might be better for the West to know that now rather than later.
     - emphasis added

    With a warning about "Intellegance": The risk from distorting Intellegence
    The Obama administration’s emotional reaction to the alleged chemical attack in Syria may be understandable given the human toll, but the high-level clamor for action put pressure on intelligence analysts assessing the evidence. It also could have distorted their judgments, as ex-CIA analyst Paul R. Pillar explains.

     - emphasis added

    Peace talks. Make that the first and foremost Internatinal norm that gets protected

    Worry about red lines, punishment and war crimes after the killing takes a time out for talks


    Thx MB

    P.S.: the other thing I've noticed from pretty much all pundits is the assumption that Russia wants further confrontation and conflict.

    As much of a macho dick-head that Putin is, this assumption that ALL of Russia being war mongers like we in the US have McCain et al. That simply may not be true.

    IOW's Russia may have far more interest in peace talks than our pundits are reporting on. Putin does not represent Russia in its entirety - and probably not of most of the Russian people either.


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