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View Diary: Caucus Diary: Let's Figure Out How to Get Congress to Deny Authorization for a Strike on Syria (162 comments)

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    which proposal do you mean?

    I really don't want to engage in anything right now. Because I am not reacting calmly. I suggest you call in a kossack meeting of the MD, VA and DC groups. There are very different point of views on how to react to the current situation and if you want to take local actions to influence the representatives in MD and VA, may be we discuss that in person in a meet-up.

    I feel that I am a foreigner here and I have already difficulties to contain my emotional response to the situation. So, I don't want to influence anyone with my own "hysterical point of views".

    I can't help but seeing that as the beginning of a potential desastrous war in which Iran, Russia, the US and Israel will be involved and at that point I believe US will not have any other choice than to draft its soldiers. And with that I won't comment any further.

    Civil Men Are For Civil Rights

    by mimi on Tue Sep 03, 2013 at 09:24:29 AM PDT

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