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    My nearly 16 yr. old twins are doing early entrance to community college (they started last year) for some of their course and we have an umbrella academy for some others and then some independent stuff.  The younger three are being taught by me with a couple classes with the umbrella group for enrichment and a friend with an adult former homeschooled child pitches in when I have to work or study for nursing school.  We make it work and I figure if the older two are handling college work at age 15 I did pretty well with them.  Given that I work and go to school you can imagine how scheduling is pretty challenging, but it is the flexibility of home school that actually makes it easier in some ways.  

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      Even when I was able to work and I was going to school, my other half is disabled and has always been home with the kids. Once I became unable to work I started picking up more, especially with our son. Next year is going to be a hard year for me because he'll be done. Though it's possible he's going to need some support from me as he enters tech school or college until he gets his stride.

      Sounds like you did excellently with your kids! Kudos to you! My son wasn't ready for that at 15, but then, he's got his other issues we were dealing with as well and he started a year late in the first place. My daughter, who knows? It's possible, especially as more text books go digital which is easier for her.

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      by FloridaSNMOM on Mon Sep 02, 2013 at 09:35:28 PM PDT

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