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View Diary: Darrell Issa Warns Against "Arbitrary" Focus on Chemical Weapons in Syria (10 comments)

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  •  It's not ignorance I'm arguing against (0+ / 0-)

    I've actually studied Issa well and I believe he's actually a smart person than those on Kos give him credit for, all things considered so I'm not trying to imply that any position he's taken is out of ignorance.  Issa's well versed on matters IT related and, believe it or not, has been one of the most vocal advocates for IT reform in government.  He's very knowledgeable on these matters.

    However, it's hypocrisy I'm arguing and I think it's possible to be smart but also filled with hypocrisy at the same time.  Yes, Issa is a Lebanese American but I think with that kind of background he might be more sensitive to matters related to the Middle East.  The Iraq War, although ended, has impacted the Middle East in a big way that has really made the situation even worse.  Issa should have known

    At this point, anyone who voted for the October 2002 Iraq War Resolution and to continue the Iraq War on the Republican side while not doing even do proper oversight like they're supposed to in Congress is really are being wishy-washy in my view.

    Issa should have been this transparent from 2002-2009.  Of course, like just about 85-90 percent of all Republicans, was pretty much a rubber stamp to President Bush's war policy.

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