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  •  Which is why I want to know if my food has been (0+ / 0-)

    modified and if so, by what means.  I'm not asking for detailed information, like this tomato was modified with jellyfish DNA, but I would think there could be some simple categories like: Organic (no modifications using other species DNA), Unprocessed (no processing other than picking and washing with natural ingredients and residuals are at some minimal level, like they do when they process leafy greens that are picked and washed prior to shipping to stores), GMO (may include DNA from outside the species), Other Alteration (may include other treatment including radiation or non-naturally present chemicals, added water or broth for moisture like happens with many meats).

    I'm not saying I'd go strictly organic, but I think that's what Monsanto fears and why they get lawmakers to pass bills preventing the labeling of food products with truthful labels.

    •  Sure, I'm totally on board with copious (0+ / 0-)

      labeling - although I suspect that eventually that simply ends up being counterproductive insofar as there is already so much "nutritional" information on foods, 97 or 98% of the people out there will simply tune out any additional information.  But for the 2 or 3% who care about the details you mention - sure, I say by all means include the information.  And why not add in whether African Americans were involved in processing the food, too, if anyone happens to be sensitive to that type of thing?  I say it's all good!!

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