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View Diary: Golden Rice Cheerleaders have a Credibility Problem (85 comments)

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  •  Yeah, OK if you say so (0+ / 0-)

    you clearly are the expert here.

    •  I don't (0+ / 0-)

      have a clue what level of expertise you have in this.  I ran an environmental office for an Indian Tribe for and saw a number of the farmers who leased land from the tribe switch from regular cotton to Roundup ready cotton and they double or tripled the amount of glyphosphate they used on those fields.  So yes, I have some first hand experience with Roundup ready crops.  The other is my personal opinion based on my scientific background.

      "In short, I was a racketeer for Capitalism" Marine Corp Brigadier General Smedley D. Butler

      by Kevskos on Tue Sep 03, 2013 at 12:40:32 PM PDT

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