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View Diary: Another Open Letter to the DSCC: SD Has Claimed Rick Weiland. It's Time For You To Claim Him Too (10 comments)

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  •  A spirited defense of my point, if not my writing. (0+ / 0-)

    Well, clearly I need to give my editorial board a raise!

    So I apologize that the springboard paragraphs to the above piece sprung so badly, and distracted from the nub of my argument.

    My point, clearly not made as well as it could have been, was simply that the DSCC, with nary a presence here on the ground in South Dakota, is paying attention to South Dakota’s political past rather than its present and its future.

    I’ve linked below to three articles written by me in earlier phases on the Senate race.  In one way or another, all address points, good points, raised in comments above (perhaps by linking to my previous diaries I will not only make a better case for my concerns, but hopefully make a better case for me as a writer!)

    All three fuss with the question of what it is to be a progressive in South Dakota--or even whether it is possible to be a progressive on the prairie!  

    They also touch on rumors that Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin, our former Representative, was considering getting into the South Dakota Senate race.

    Word on the street was that she was the DSCC’s Chosen One.  

    But before Brendan Johnson stepped out of consideration, there was powerful momentum against her and for him.  Many county chairs came out publicly for him, former state legislators came out for him, and his Draft Brendan Facebook page had thousands of names connected to it.


    The enthusiasm was not based on her personality.  

    Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin is described as vibrant and bright and engaging.  

    It was her politics.  

    Before she lost to Tea Partier Kristi Noem, Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin betrayed core Democratic values.

    I don’t use that word ‘values’ lightly.

    Democrats qua Democrats value health care for all, value standing up to Big Oil, value education, value marriage equality, value Indian rights, value people over corporations, value Medicare and Medicaid, value tax breaks for low- and middle-income people over tax breaks for the wealthy.

    These are core Democratic values.

    Even if you’re a Democrat in South Dakota.

    Perhaps especially if you’re a Democrat in South Dakota, because all of these are threatened values here.  

    I understand the logic of offering up moderate candidates in a Red State.

    But let’s not forget: George McGovern, Tom Daschle, and Tim Johnson are South Dakotan born and bred.

    And they won.

    And, as I’ve said before, we can see Minnesota and Iowa from here.

    And even in the least populous county of our state, Jones County, there is the internet.  

    And most votes are East River, and most Dems are East River.  South Dakota has 35 legislative districts.  Seven of them have the majority of their population in Sioux Falls.  The fastest growing part of the state is Minnehaha and Lincoln Counties (President Obama actually won Minnehaha county in 2008).  

    The other fastest growing parts of our state?  


    And although Republicans in our state have a record of doing their darndest to make voting difficult on the Reservations, we Dems are doing a better job of making worthy connections with the Indian populations.

    Our state is becoming more urban, more minority, and more educated.  

    All three trends favor the Democrats.  

    So this election is about the future of the Democratic party.

    How better to lay the groundwork of our party than setting forth its people, its principles, and its politics front and center by way of the kind of candidate we put forth?

    Rick Weiland is not just our present candidate for Sentate in 2014.  He represents the future of South Dakota, including the Democratic party.

    South Dakota will be blue again one day.

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