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    First, I apologize to evilcommunist above, but I don't know how to attach a video to a diary.  Flay me if you will, but I do well to turn on the computer, much less anything more technical.

    Second, I ask simply that you do a comparison.  Got to Fox News and see the Kerry face.  Then go to CNN and see the Kerry face.

    Third, your response plays right to the Fox News message:  Kerry has used plastic surgery.  I did what you suggested - googled "John Kerry plastic surgery."  Guess what?  On the first page, except for democratic underground, they were all right wing sites.  

    So, after all, you strengthen my suspicions about Fox News and what they are trying to do to Secretary Kerry.  They want to diminish him, and his message, by playing dirty tricks.

    I suspect next I will see on the chyron, just to hammer it home to their viewers, "Some say that John Kerry had heavy plastic surgery in Syria.  We report.  You decide."

    It's Morning in America (and the GOP has a hangover).

    by stlawrence on Tue Sep 03, 2013 at 05:49:26 PM PDT

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