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View Diary: Whip count for House of Representatives vote on resolution regarding use of military force in Syria (208 comments)

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  •  Rec'd although I'm not interested in FDL's take (10+ / 0-)

    on this since I perceive their brand of "news" and journalism as fairly biased in many cases. Maybe this has to do with the fact that they stupidly misassessed me, personally, along with several other posters here. Thus said, this is useful information all around.

    And I want to keep spreading this to people who ARE INTERESTED IN ACTION.

    And the fact that Sanders isn't a firm "no" frankly horrifies me.

    Thanks for keeping on top of this.

    I do not, I can not, support this intervention morally. I'd like to end genocide. Duh. But I don't think this is the only route to take. I also don't trust this not to escalate and/or have dire unforeseen/unforseeable consequences on multiple fronts. Too many unknowns. Too many possibly atrocious consequences. And my close Syrian friend who lives in the U.S. opposes this, categorically, which speaks volumes to me as well.

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    by mahakali overdrive on Tue Sep 03, 2013 at 08:48:45 PM PDT

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