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View Diary: Whip count for House of Representatives vote on resolution regarding use of military force in Syria (208 comments)

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  •  "shower" and "blindly" are your words (0+ / 0-)

    my point was simply that firing missiles into dense urban areas will necessarily kill civilians, both from blast radii and from things going astray. the targets in syria won't be isolated ones out in the desert somewhere like the early stages of the air war in libya, it's mostly in big urban areas where the civil war fighting is taking place, as are the regime's military infrastructure and assets.

    to deny this basic fact of modern warfare, after several decades of war after war of "smart" missiles blowing civilians up "accidentally," is bordering on the delusional. one can argue that one can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs, and that the civilian casualties will be worth the sacrifice if it teaches assad a lesson, but one cannot credibly argue that war with syria will not end up killing civilians.

    and that's not even getting in the depressingly predictable secondary effects of entering the war, WRT civilian casualties. go read up on the lebanese civil war if you want a preview of what happens when a sectarian-tinged war of militia vs. militia starts getting outside powers directly involved in the fighting. it's not pretty, and it kills a lot of civilians.

    seriously, dude, what do you think happens when americans launch airstrikes against targets in an urban area?

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