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View Diary: Red Bull-Energy Drink/Threatened Species/Right Wing Paramilitary (34 comments)

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  •  Nature's perfect cat food (0+ / 0-)

    is of course the mouse.  Though small birds might come close.

    Cats are pure carnivores, needing meat to live (I suppose for the taurine among other things) and not needing other stuff. Humans are omnivores, able to live on all sorts of things.  Which ones are good for us is more complicated than for cats.  And what chemicals do what is more complicated.  Maybe taurine has some benefit to humans, but probably not... so we buy into all sorts of marketing gimmicks.

    I think the cosmetic industry is even crazier, putting vitamins and stuff (which we rarely need to supplement anyway) into stuff used externally or washed off (shampoo).  PT Barnum had consumers nailed.

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