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  •  jlms qkw (0+ / 0-)

    I just got your glad reply.

    Thank goodness for your cat`s return
    A sadness that would ever burn
    In your heart
     as lover`s yearn
    For the loves
    that don`t return.

    Here`s my friend, Milo
    The  one eyed cat
    That didn`t chance
    to come on back

    And Casper

    And then the Ghost
    that watched his back.

    (Casper is not here anymore either.)

    He was lost to an attack,
    Coyotes took it out
    in  back
    they`d taken  his friend`s eye before
    But Casper is for nevermore.


    If you`d like to see this beauty
    I`ll post a picture of my cutie
    I miss him like you couldn`t believe
    For his handsome
    Please don`t grieve
    He lives with me
    Please do believe.

    His image titled
    "Red Bearded Pussy"

    The most lovely cat
    you could conceive.

    I`m already against the next war.

    by Knucklehead on Thu Sep 05, 2013 at 04:48:51 PM PDT

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