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  •  What I really really really love is the sure and (5+ / 0-)

    certain knowledge that "someone like this"  would of course be persecuted and abused in general population.

    Because THAT's how we run our prisons.

    Not that EVERY human monster has a rough time of it.  

    It's the sex offenders (and of course the weak and friendless) that suffer rape and mutilation at the hands of people SO wise and virtuous ... that the rest of us  don't want them living among US anymore.

    Let's be really really clear ... it's not so much that there's some Higher Morality that even the Worst of the Worst submit themselves,  to so they shoulder the moral duty that limp-wristed, rule-bound courts will not ..

    It's that the guards and administration of prisons make it very clear which convicts they will not protect, and whose deaths will not be seriously investigated.

    The Screws pick them, the Cons kill them.

    Nice system.

    And it's much easier to ignore than the old In-Public style of lynching.

    Of course "This Guy" really really deserved it.

    And think of the money we all saved.

    •  The money saved (0+ / 0-)

      is icing on the cake

    •  Whether they like it or not (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      Matt Z

      prison staff have a vested interest in keeping people alive and safe within the prisons.  

      There is no doubt that this case was among the most extreme of situations.

      Like I said it depends on how you look at people in prison but a moral heirarchy among inmates is a real thing and in any society, the people establish rules outside of the perscribed rules in place. Prisons are no different.  

      Prison staff can't watch all people 24 hours a day and 30 minutes is certainly enough time to kill yourself.  

      His time was not going to be smooth and he made a choice.

      Who ya gonna shoot wit dat homie, you'd rather blast an original instead of a phony, true macaroni, you don't even know me, and why does your gun say n****z only?

      by mim5677 on Wed Sep 04, 2013 at 10:10:49 AM PDT

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