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  •  I don't know why individuals do what they do. (4+ / 0-)

    I can guess of course, but it's a lot easier to make accurate assessments of people you interact with frequently.  I don't interact with the President, so I can only go by what I've seen him say and do, and I didn't really follow his life before he started running for the Presidential office.

    In the case of elected officials, I generally don't care what motivates them, other than for trying to gauge how they might act on other issues.  I'd rather focus on what they're actually doing and saying that causes others to act than on why they did it.

    •  This cartoon (3+ / 0-)
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      focuses on what this administration has been doing this summer. Obama isn't just an individual who is implementing this insane policy here and globally. He is imo a PR/marketing guy that they send out to sell whatever skullduggery the powerful interest's and this administration/ Machine Dems. are going to implement. We the people have no say we are given candidates to ratify with our vote and it seems irrelevant which poison we pick.

       Supporting policy agenda or even direction being touted as the way forward or believing in Obama or any elected  pol, at this point seems delusional. Denial abounds and people HR it because they cannot stand to listen to the reality that lurks under all the parsing, double speak and fear that the brokers of power pump out to sell the anti-democratic. immoral, and illegal, as the way forward.

      Why they do this is important and part of the process of getting your head out of the sand. If you believe in the fictitious narrative they are selling it only empowers their mendacity and allows them to continue with their destruction and NWO, both in der Homeland and globally. Why and how are not really separate here and what causes other to act is part of the what they are intent on.          

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