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  •  Ask people, such as folk who will benefit from (11+ / 0-)

    his healthcare plan if he is an empty suit. Ask the automobile industry, or people who will access college through Pell Grant, or women who will receive contraceptive care, or society due to the fact that he has increased fuel efficiency standards in vehicles if he's an empty suit, or the two women he has placed on the Supreme Court, or those who will benefit from his  helping to end DADT if he's an empty suit.

    You know what I would do if I were you? I would ignore all of what I just wrote and repeat to yourself a hundred times.... "He's an empty suit, he's a empty suit, he's an empty suit...."

    It brings such joy to believe this, and I would hate to ruin your day.....

    •  I second that. (4+ / 0-)

      If I had bothered to read your comment first I could have saved myself the trouble below ;-).

      Maybe just maybe our foremothers and our forefathers came to this land in different ships. But we're all in the same boat now. - John Lewis

      by bluesheep on Fri Sep 06, 2013 at 08:11:35 AM PDT

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    •  The healthcare plan will be tested now, (5+ / 0-)
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      niemann, rbird, AdamSelene, aliasalias, Nattiq

      my kids found they will have to cough up an extra $600 a month for catastrophic care for their kids.  Some of the features of the ACA are good, many are going to prove to be catastrophic, they made sure those didn't kick in until after the election.  Big retailers are cutting hours on employees now to keep from paying insurance.  Will the good out weigh the bad in the end?  Could we have done all this in a much simpler fashion without the big wet kiss to the insurance industry?  Sure

      I could cynically say that the rest of what has happened is not unlike Clinton who threw crumbs to the progressives when he came in and then went totally corporate.

      Your sarcasm doesn't bother me, I don't "hate" Obama, I'm just disgusted that we have another war monger who is normalizing the craziness of the Bush years and we would go along with it because he has done a few good things?  

      In the end, he is dismantling the Constitution just as thoroughly as Bush or Clinton.  What will we have in the end when there are no Constitutional protections?

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