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    is trying to keep track of the vote on this, and they seem to have a majority of the House leaning no (although only 106 have said they will vote no for sure).  Only 25 have indicated they will vote yes so far.  Unless leadership really whips this vote, it is looking like it will fail by a solid margin.  The Senate is closer (15 against, 10 leaning no, 23 in favor), but if it has to pass with 60 votes, it's also looking tough.

    Interesting political coalitions here.  I'm not even seeing the clear correlations of the NSA vote, though elements of it are there...Amash and Grayson are among the loudest no votes.  But a bunch of conservative Democrats are also opposing (Peterson, Matheson, Schrader), as are mainstream Republicans like Gibson, Lance, and Stivers.

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      Evidently the entire delegation is either undecided or against the intervention except Cotton. If I were advising Mark Pryor, I'd tell him to oppose it, then when Cotton starts talking about how comfy with Obama is, say, "Well, sometimes I support him and sometimes I don't. Just like you, Tom. When it came to attacking Syria, the entire delegation from our state opposed it, except you. You were the one supporting the president, while Arkansans opposed him. Why did you do that?"

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