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  •  The military needs a realistic sexual protocol. (0+ / 0-)

    See the Peacekeepers of the series Farscape.
    Sexual relations are by contract, married or not, with permission from command.  Since married spouses will be contracted, those married will be expected to be chaste in the field.  This may serve to discourage marriage during the peak of the military years.  Female soldiers would likewise, be discouraged from early marriage and breeding so they can firmly establish a career.  after that, each female soldier would be given a 16 year leave to raise her offspring, after which she can return to service.  During that 16 years, the military will finance her education with the woman required to be taking at least 3 credit hours at all times during her leave.  STEM studies would be encouraged.
    16 years would allow her time for 1 or 2 children.  Her children would have access to 24/7 activities and care while she works.
    Male soldiers with children, would receive a capped stipend that goes for support of 1-2 children for 26 years.

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