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View Diary: Here are the latest whip counts for the congressional vote on using military force against Syria (89 comments)

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  •  A single nation doesn't represent "international.. (2+ / 0-)
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    ..norm" or NATO, or the Arab league, nor should it.

    note: OT of whip counts

    Just heard  Rep. Rush Holt (D) of Maryland make this point on Tweety's Hardball.

    So this argument that a single country (US) must stand up to enforce these "international norms", red lines etc and punish or "send a signal" to another single country (Syria) because so many other countries (most all of them iow's) remain on the sidelines kind of rings hollow - imo - and obscures the main point. Saving lives first.

    One possible silver lining to all this debate and a positive to the President for calling in congress to have a vote, may also start the debate that ends the "Unitary executive" theory used by Reagan with then attorney general Ed Meese and later GWB, Rumsfeld, and Cheney to commit war crimes.

    I say this because I've heard people alot smarter than me doubt that the President would go through with a strike on Syria of congress votes down a resolution.

    Especially since McCain just added a poison pill, making the resolution it even worse and therefoe less likely to pass the full Senate - an agenda for regime change, with a few other provisions calling for deeper US involvement - not part of the narrower scope the Kerry has been advocating.

    Thx MB

    Note: (I added NATO and the Arab league btw just to futher Rep. Holts point)
    P.S.: this comment is not forgetting/ignoring the despicable murdering done by Bashur Assad on the people of Syria. I've said my piece on that - Peace talks first and foremost; medical aid, clean food and water to refugees; a safe no fire zone; give the killing a time out for talks

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