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  •  I have had many wonderful teachers (1+ / 0-)
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    over the years and yet not one I could say I felt as strongly about, nor one I felt so supported by, as you did with Mrs. Feld. I never had a conspicuously bad teacher so perhaps I took the experience for granted. I had one professor in college who I greatly admired and who felt highly about me as a student. He made the mistake of pointing out to me that some of my behavior was self-destructive and my response was to distance myself from him in a snit. I've regretted that reaction for a long, long time. My undergraduate degree was in philosophy; I went to graduate school for three years before dropping out. I'm convinced that I would not have been happy as an academician and yet it was wonderful that this particular individual and a few others among my undergraduate instructors actually saw some potential in me.

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