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  •  I note a lot of warhawks continue to bring up the (3+ / 0-)
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    number of children killed by poison gas.  Now I agree children represent a special protected class of noncombatants.  However do we become involved in any conflict where children are harmed?  I note the warhawks are silent on conflicts in a dozen locales such as Sudan, Somalia and Mali.

    To further put this in context, approximately 18000 children starve to death each day worldwide and in many cases, it is war or lack of infrastructure which kills them.  However the warhawks are silent when these children starve to death.  While death by gassing is a horrible death (if there are any acceptable forms of violent death), starvation is also a very nasty way to die and it appears the people who are offended by images of children being gassed to death appear to have little objection to far more children starving to death

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