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    Aircrew and groundcrew are protected by the same structures.  The problem for attacking airfields is that, with stand-off weapons like cruise missiles, it's impossible to target based on when aircraft are likely to launch.

    Instead, what the Americans usually use are cluster munitions to impede operations, not eliminate them. However, since the U.S. has already disavowed a regime-change strategy ala Iraq, it's won't be anything but an imposition.  And this assumes that the SAF hasn't already moved air assets, especially helos, into areas safe from U.S. strikes. An adversary is already going to know this based on historical knowledge.

    The meme is simple enough: "Regarding Syria, If you support the President, you end up supporting al-Qaeda." No politician, of any party, persuasion, or clique, wants an opponent who will be able to say this in an advertisement.

    by Superskepticalman on Thu Sep 05, 2013 at 09:51:01 AM PDT

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