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    "Employment at will" goes back to English common law (i.e. "tradition") and is so ingrained in our culture that the equal opportunity civil rights laws that were passed starting in the 1960's are basically EXCEPTIONS to "at will" for specific conditions, just as public accommodations civil rights laws are EXCEPTIONS to "we reserve the right to refuse to serve anyone."

    So if you (or, in better budget times, you and the federal government together) can PROVE you were fired, demoted, not promoted, etc. BECAUSE of one of these protected reasons (race, religion (except within a church), gender, disability, etc.), then you can get reinstated; but the burden of proof is on you (possibly with help from the DOJ) to prove it.  If not, the law assumes your work was not up to your boss' standards, and the boss has total authority to judge what those are.

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