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View Diary: Everyone should know a little Yiddish: Ashkenazi dreams of a young Sicilian Catholic boy. (26 comments)

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  •  Not "society", but parents trying to give kids (1+ / 0-)
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    wilderness voice

    a chance at a better life, including peasant parents selling themselves into lifelong indenture to get the money to buy a place for their son or daughter in a convent or monastery.  The courage of parents depriving themselves of survival support for the sake of their children is breathtaking and heartbreaking, when you thin about it.

    Most of the research i've seen on "intelligence" (don't forget, that term used to mean "information") confirms that the capacity to learn and to be taught and to develop ability to learn on one's own, has shown absolutely no correllation with so-called, race, religion, heritage, nationality, etc.  the informationally prejudicial nature of "intelligence tests" and "intelligence quotient" scoring as has been and continues to be an issue of concern for the educational field, especially as related to "scholastic aptitude" and other tests at earlier phases of education that influence what later education to which students receive potential access.

    Contrariwise, the career of Daniel Mendoza (5 July 1764[a] – 3 September 1836), a Sephardi, may be of interest as regards the idea of being genetically predisposed to be good or bad at sports.  In the present day, this list is illustrative.  In the U.S., in the 19th and early 20th centuries, Jews in sports especially in boxing often adopted Italian names - it was an era when Italian fighters were considered the most successful, and having an Italian name gave a fledgling fighter a chance at being in matches that a Jewish name didn't offer.

    •  Mettle (1+ / 0-)
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      mettle fatigue

      Thanks for the insightful comment. Admittedly there are somewhat snarky comments of mine interposed among more serious commentary. It is the way I like to write. It reminds me not to get too much in love with the content. That it bemuses or annoys others I always felt on balance is a good thing.

      Some times a few of the readers even agree with me.

      •  it seemed that mite B the case since i do similar (0+ / 0-)

        at times, 'tho my hope is to lighten the material with what humor i can in order to make the reading easier to continue with to the end of the piece, and satisfying to read in full.  

        i was sorry to see that your deep concern about your grandson didn't stimulate more response and if it's the kind of issue that deeply matters to you then you may want to consider the possibility that readers feeling annoyed enough by earlier facetiousness and sarcasm might be unable to notice that issue with the seriousness it merits, or might be 'bemused' enough to not be sure whether this was a genuine concern of yours or another form of snark.

        i do hope through your relationship with him you'll be able to bring him to a better understanding, but it sounds as if he's in a school or other extensive-contact environment that's saturating him with bigotted ideas.  he's pretty young, tho', and hopefully his parents will soon be conversing with him on a more substantive level and hopefully their ideas will provide more input to him of a more positive kind.

        good luck.

        •  mettle (0+ / 0-)

          Thank you for your advice. However, a Diary is not an adequate format for exhaustive analyses. The best one can hope for is to roil emotions.

          As for my grandson, I have begun to suspect that those who for so long have waged war on the school systems in this country for teaching "liberal" values, have taken control to the extent of inculcating much less desirable values into the minds of our youth.

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