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View Diary: The burn-your-fake-Obamacare-card crowd sounding desperate (103 comments)

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  •  Cognative Dissonance. (14+ / 0-)

    The Right favorably comparing themselves to the Hippies they hate?

    "If this Studebaker had anymore Atomic Space-Age Style, you'd have to be an astronaut with a geiger counter!"

    by Stude Dude on Thu Sep 05, 2013 at 11:29:54 AM PDT

    •  I'd love to actually see "The Man", since that's (9+ / 0-)

      the Koch brothers who paid for so much of the Tea Party nonsense.  "The Man" has a plan for these idjits and it's not as nice as they think.

    •  Sure ! (0+ / 0-)

      The latest "thing" with the Right Wing is, that like a Chameleon, they're trying to mimic anybody that was famous or popular over thirty years ago.

      They pretend they passed the Civil Rights Act and Democrats opposed it.

      Actually, President Johnson (D) signed it, and all the Republicans in the South as well as the Dixiecrats opposed it.

      They pretend Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Republican.   Actually, he wasn't... his FATHER was, but he wasn't.

      Now they're pretending they're anti-war, and burning their "draft" cards for Obamacare.

      They demonize Al Sharpton, etc, claiming that people that speak out against Racism are rabble-rousers trying to get rich, while Republicans that ignore Racism are the ones doing something about it.

      They've even gotten to calling themselves "classic Liberals".

      Because, you know, Conservatives MUST be everything good, while Progressives must be everything bad.

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