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View Diary: Yes, she should ... run for lieutenant governor of Nevada (75 comments)

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  •  Ain't nothing mysterious about NV politics... (6+ / 0-)

    All you need to know is that the state's most powerful Democratic political operative and most powerful Republican political operative are partners in the same consulting firm (R&R).

    This explains why extremist Republicans and progressive Democrats don't usually do well here, and why a 2011-12 Ron Paul takeover of the state Republican Party was snuffed out recently. Not that I'm a Paul fan, but the Paultards did everything completely legally, and the Romney campaign just ignored them and the RNC engineered a re-takeover this past spring.

    The established industry (gaming) has no interest in fielding candidates who want to rock the boat too far left or too far right. So we get "centrist" candidates on both sides, one Republican and one Democratic Senator, 2 Democratic and 2 Republican representatives and a Republican governor and Democratic legislature.

    So either way national politics goes, Nevada's rich n' powerful get a voice in Washington. Electing Lucy Flores and other progressive Democrats would be a start to giving more Nevadans a voice at the table, too.

    Thanks again for bringing Lucy Flores to a wider audience!

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