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View Diary: Tulsa Charter School says NO "Dreadlocks and Afros"" (52 comments)

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  •  The whole point of charter schools (2+ / 0-)
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    Pi Li, VClib

    is to allow parents choices.  Apparently there are enough parents who disagree with you and want their children to attend this school knowing those stated policies to keep that school open.  Perhaps these kinds of policies are the REASON they are sending their children there.  You or I don't get to dictate to them. You or I don't get to say, yeah, I know you choose this school because it makes its kids have this certain look and prohibits kids from having certain looks (I imagine there are uniforms and ways of dressing to go with hair styles), but I disagree with that policy, so you don't get to make that choice for your kids.

    Suppose the policy of the school is that girls must wear a uniform dress, and boys can wear pants if they choose.  Lots of parents may choose that school because they WANT their child in that atmosphere.  I may think it's sexist that the girls don't get to wear pants (warmer and more comfortable in the winter). I should not send my kids there.  If I choose to anyway, I cannot expect the school not to enforce its policies.    

    That's the whole point of charter schools - the school responds to the demands of parents.  So, if you want to change things, the place to do that is with the parents making the choices.

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