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    All sides in World War II had chemical and biological weapons, and were prepared to use them. We know for a fact that if the Battle of Britain had tilted a little more to the Germans, and the Germans had invaded, that the British would have saturated the invaders with poison gas. We know for a fact that our own military pushed strongly for the use of poison gas on the Japanese, and only FDR's personal dislike of the weapon prevented its use. There is strong evidence to support the notion that the Japanese made some use of chemical and biological weapons against the Chinese. Lots of poison gas was used by the British and French facing restless colonists between the two wars. The US and USSR both maintained huge stockpiles of chemical weapons and assumed that any war fought between them over Berlin would utilize chemical weapons as well as "tactical" nukes. When Saddam used chemical weapons on the Iranians, we not only knew about it, we helped him do it. The fact that states have mostly chosen to blast, burn, crush, and shred their opponents rather than gas them does not establish that this is some sort of astounding violation of precedent.

    "Something has gone very wrong with America, not just its economy, but its ability to function as a democratic nation. And it’s hard to see when or how that wrongness will get fixed." Paul Krugman and Robin Wells

    by Reston history guy on Thu Sep 05, 2013 at 02:58:40 PM PDT

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