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  •  One point I'd like to quote about2014 (1+ / 0-)
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    Republicans crammed so many House Democrats into so few districts, that the vast majority of Democratic seats are VERY Democratic. So those Democrats don't have to worry about their general elections. But with anti-war sentiment running high in progressive circles, particularly in these primarily urban districts, primary challenges are a possibility.
    I'm actually feeling a bit bullish about Democratic chances in 2014. Despite the historical factor that the presidents party usually doesn't do well in the mid term elections, the GOP is falling apart on so many levels, and cranking up the outrage on the liberal side with their crazy restrictive laws being put on the books in so many states the election may be theirs to lose. We need to run this election like we did back in 2006. That ideologically drunken elephant is ready to be kicked over.

    And this is especially the time for progressive challengers to have a primary shot in those safe but stodgy districts.

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